Praise be to God and peace be upon the prophet Mohammad and all his partisans.

     Many years ago the love of architecture has come out to the owner of the office. This love resulted in the idea of establishing an office based on both originality and style (recency); originality of Arabian architecture in its beauty and richness as well as recency in developing and modernization methods occur all over this single world which is rich of the beauty we live. That love resulted in establishing DAR AL-ANDALUS (Consulting Engineers) office which contains all engineering and consulting abilities to serve fields related to building and architecture. 

     The basic architectural concept of the office was giving effect to coincidence between the style of Islamic architecture and the mode of oriental life taking into consideration the global rapid great development in architectural arts; Islamic architectural styles should be obvious, specially, in Islamic mosques as well as houses with their large separated premises (courtyards) since they are to be specified and inviolable. The magnificent palaces reflect the care of our country in its civilized face; this appears clearly in palaces and private villas, the matter indicates the global interest upon our country. This matter can be realized clearly in markets ,specially the great deal of commercial exchanges, where you find people from all races and countries, not only because of commercial exchange but also for promoting their products and thoughts. Among these global products and thoughts, the Islamic architecture represents a milestone of modesty, sciences and conception since it can easily embody all customs and traditions.

     In this brochure, we are very pleasant to state our previous prosperous experiences and show some of them hoping success from God in our coming works.



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