Works undertaken by technicians and engineers of

 Dar Al-Andalus

     1.    Planning works:-

·       Re-planning of random areas and existing towns.

·       Developing archeological areas and tourist cities.

·       Towns and new district planning.

2.    Architectural design works:-

·       Urban and environmental design for all kinds of constructions.

·       Religious buildings.

·       Residential buildings (residential buildings – villas – palaces – residential complex).

·       Educational buildings.

·       Service\ utilities buildings.

·       Recreation and tourism buildings.

·       Industrial buildings.

·       Interior design and décor works.

·       Repairing and developing archeological old buildings.

3.     Building survey works:-

·       Surveying and topographical survey.

·       Aerial photography.

4.    Civil and geotechnical engineering works:-

·       Designing all types of concrete installations/ constructions.

·       Designing metallic constructions.

·       Designing all kinds of both deep and shallow foundations.

·       Design of roads, bridges and tunnels.

·       Sites surveying and picking out the best course for roads.

·       Designing rock passages/ pieces and lopping/ amending rock downgrades.

·       Designing iron rivet/ pins that used to fix and fasten rock downgrades.

·       Design of engineering precautionary (safety measures) to fasten downgrades and preventing rock collapse.

·       Re-designing and maintaining of mountain passes and roads.

·       Geophysical , geological works and materials testing. 

5.     Supervision works:-

·       Supervision of all kinds of works either designed by us or others.

·       Developing executive drawings.

·       Preparing time programs.

·       Preparing booklets of conditions, terms and B.O.Q as well as contracts for projects executing.

6.    Electrical and mechanical works:-

·       Designing generation-stations for electrical power.

·       Designing main and subordinate distribution boards as well as high-pressure panels.

·       Design of lighting, power and circuits of light current.

·       Designing systems for; fire-fighting, alarm of fire and theft , surveillance camera and security systems.

·       Design of conditioning works, pumps and devices of vertical communication.

·       Design of sewerage systems and feeding buildings with water, electricity, gas and telephones.

·       Design of solar-energy stations and usage of natural materials.



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